Seven Traits I Learned From The Best Entrepreneur


From Forbes by Lee Shapiro

Venture capitalists invest in the dreams of entrepreneurs. At 7wireVentures, I have met thousands of people pitching ideas. Many are first-time founders, while others are experienced CEOs with multiple successes. There are qualities common and essential to those who prosper:

• Work ethic

• Commitment

• Focus

• Relationship-building skills

• Uniqueness/competitive moat

• Risk appetite

• Salesmanship

As I reflect on these seven critical skills, it evokes memories of the best entrepreneur I’ve ever known: my father. From a young age, he worked to support his ailing father, learning a trade in menswear. After his military service, still in his 20s, he went to night school at Roosevelt University. Simultaneously, he started a business that still bears his name today: Syd Jerome. To define these attributes, I refer to the context of his life. Read more here.