About Us

About Us

Our History

We are Healthcare Experts. We are Builders. We are Operators. We are Makers of Our Own Luck.

We have a track record of operating excellence. We are industry thought leaders who helped pioneer the EMR industry and developed a leading view of consumerization of healthcare. Leveraging this perspective, we Hatched Livongo into the largest IPO and merger in the digital health industry. We have demonstrated value as operators and builders and apply these learnings to scale our portfolio companies.

The 7wireVentures Name

Rewiring the Status Quo

  • In 1857, Cyrus West Field announced his plans to create the first transatlantic cable, a direct line of communication between the European and American continents. Despite enduring repeated setbacks and public ridicule for nearly a decade, Field remained undeterred. Finally, in 1866, the last portion of the cable was pulled onto the shore of Heart’s Content, a small fishing village in Newfoundland. This cable was composed of seven copper wires.
  • These seven wires transformed interpersonal communication. The telegraph could send eight words per minute – a revolutionary improvement in a time when news and correspondence traveled months by ship. This deceptively simple innovation and the uncommon dedication to its success ushered in the modern, globalized world of interconnectedness and interaction.
  • Today, 7wireVentures identifies, begins, and develops ventures similarly aimed at rewiring the status quo.

Our Model

We leverage our 100+ years of combined operating experience and take a hands-on approach to building companies alongside our founders.

Our Operator Driven Model

We provide ongoing support for our portfolio companies in the following key areas:


We connect our companies to strategic customers and partnership opportunities.


We recruit talent to our portfolio companies from within our network that shares our ethos. We empower our portfolio companies with dedicated talent that augments our team’s contributions.

Go to Market Strategy Design

We shape sales strategies and provide scripting support for related messaging.

Sales Calls

We support and help prepare our companies for sales discussions and join key strategic sales meetings.