Vivante continues to advance digestive care with its $31M Series B fundraising to power its next chapter of growth

Vivante Health, a digital digestive health solution that uniquely addresses the main challenges consumers with Gastrointestinal (GI) conditions face through personalized clinical care, announced a $31M equity financing Series B led by Mercato Partners. 7wireVentures is excited to participate in the round alongside new investor Health Catalyst Capital and existing investors Distributed Ventures, Human Capital, Intermountain Health, and SemperVirens Venture Capital.

An estimated ~70M Americans, roughly 25% of the population, suffer from GI conditions. These digestive issues disrupt daily life, impede personal and professional productivity, and often persist undiagnosed for years. This contributes to heightened health complications, increased financial burdens, and around 8.3M annual emergency room visits attributed to digestive complaints. As a result, the US healthcare system bears a significant burden, allocating $136B annually to address GI-related diseases, surpassing expenditures on trauma, mental health, and heart disease.

Vivante partners with health plans and employers to offer a digital solution to improve GI health for members through a comprehensive, holistic platform GIThrive. GIThrive facilitates monitoring, analysis, and data collection to rapidly identify triggers that reduce discomfort. It also offers AI-driven care plans, delivering tailored assistance from the initial intake throughout the user’s journey. Virtual appointments with Gastroenterologists, dieticians, and health coaches are available nationwide, accompanied by self-guided behavioral models for ongoing support.  Data is shared across the platform to ensure care continuity from the entire clinical team. Additionally, screening kits and rapid lab tests are conveniently delivered to users’ doorsteps. GIThrive takes the lead as the pioneering GI platform incorporating CBT therapy, effectively aiding users managing conditions like IBS. These enhancements strengthen Vivante’s distinctive platform, expanding its capacity to enhance members’ gut health. Users have reported a 22% reduction in medical expenses, a remarkable 92% improvement in GI symptoms, and an impressive 89% success rate in identification of trigger foods.

Vivante App Images

 “The recent fundraise is more than just financial support; it’s a validation of the hard work, innovation, and dedication of our team. We are excited to use this capital to continue to accelerate our growth and drive innovation within the GI space, improving outcomes for our members” said Bill Snyder, CEO of Vivante Health.

Since the company’s last financing, Vivante has continued to validate its value proposition through key partnerships with health plans and employers. Recent notable partnerships include Walmart, TrueBlue, US Foods, Navient, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Grifols, Robins and Morton and many others. With GI issues ranking among the top five healthcare expenses for many companies, those who’ve embraced the Vivante platform report an impressive 3:1 ROI, showcasing the promise of the platform.

“At 7wireVentures, we’re excited to be a part of Vivante’s incredible journey,” said Robert Garber, Partner at 7wireVentures. “The recent influx of capital and commercial partnerships with market leaders are testaments of Vivante’s comprehensive and effective approach to GI health, and we look forward to supporting the company’s continued growth.”

At 7wireVentures, we aim to partner with companies that embrace our mission to empower an Informed Connected Healthcare Consumer. In 2022, during Vivante’s Series A fundraise, 7wireVentures was drawn to Vivante’s mission to reimagine chronic condition management, starting with gut health. Vivante empowers consumers with essential resources, tailored care approaches, and expert guidance, fostering a proactive approach to gut health management. We are excited to continue to support the team!

Congratulations to Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Bill Snyder, and the entire Vivante team for this achievement. We look forward to seeing the team’s continued success as they reinvent care for those that suffer from GI disorders!