Vivante Health


Vivante Health

Vivante Health (“Vivante”) is an industry-leading digital engagement and chronic condition management platform.

Through an all-in-one suite of innovative solutions, Vivante comprehensively addresses the many challenges consumers with gastrointestinal (GI) conditions are facing today.

Vivante’s unique end-to-end platform delivers a streamlined care management experience for patients. Through the company’s “GIThrive” platform, consumers can easily access a dedicated team of specialized clinicians, self-manage their disease through a suite of digital tools, and access care plans tailored to fit the needs for every user. To further support personalized care journeys and drive an increased understanding of one’s GI health, Vivante also offers users with both “GutCheck”, a microbiome test, and “GIMate”, a connected breath testing device. By providing easy access to care resources and relevant data, Vivante empowers consumers to take control of their conditions and get back on track to health.

Vivante has demonstrated a 3 to 1 ROI in the form of direct medical cost savings, meaningfully reducing healthcare costs across the country for their employer and health plan clients.