Resources for Understanding, Condemning, and Acting Against Systemic Racism and Racial Disparities in Health

As protests continue to erupt around the country, we at 7wireVentures have a responsibility as members of the investor community, the healthcare industry, and as individuals to speak out against injustice and condemn racism. We are outraged at the loss of life and the persistent unequal treatment of Blacks and Latinos. We are committed to better understand, support, and make changes across our country. We acknowledge our responsibility to be part of the solution.

We recognize you, like us, may be seeking resources to educate yourselves and your families, deepen your understanding of implicit biases, understand helpful ways to speak out, and ultimately determine how to take action. We have compiled a list of resources that we have found to be insightful, educational, and challenge our own assumptions about racism and privilege.

In addition to assembling a list of broader resources, we feel it is our responsibility to highlight the ongoing issue of racial disparities in healthcare. The coronavirus pandemic has shed light on these inequities in our country, as COVID-19 is disproportionately killing vulnerable populations. The list can be found in our Resource Guide for Condemning Systemic Racism and Racial Disparities in Health.

The list is not intended to be fully comprehensive but provide members of our community with a place to begin or continue their journey on becoming allies in condemning racism. We welcome any thoughts or recommendations for resources you have found to be helpful.