Hire Your Team Like You’re Running A Startup

By Glen Tullman

One of the trickiest things about hiring is determining whether someone with a polished résumé — and even glowing interview skills — will deliver in the long haul. Human resources departments create an intricate web designed to catch inappropriate candidates as they move through the process, often subjecting job seekers to several interviews and tests before they even enter the final stages.

Yet someone who is a bad fit for your company can slip through the cracks — and theresults can be devastating. A recent white paper by the Center for Creative Leadership estimated that 38% to more than half of newly hired senior executives fail in the first 18 months on the job.

“While there are plenty of things that can lead to failure, the main challenge is the mental and emotional shift that goes with senior leadership,” says Douglas Riddle, Ph.D., global director, coaching services, at Center for Creative Leadership, and author of the white paper.

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