The Future of Skin Health: industry whitepaper


From HealthXL

These headlines sound familiar? The industry is abuzz with activity from teledermatology and dermatology digital health start-ups. While the changing landscape is exciting, it begs the question, are these being used? Do they solve the underlying friction points for their users i.e patients and/or physicians? We were curious to look beneath the hood to explore the appetite these key individuals have for using digital health products in their day to day lives, and how innovators creating these products are pressure testing their value proposition. As we have uncovered in digital health in the past, there’s much more than meets the eye, behind the headlines and in the regulated, rigorous world of healthcare and medicine.

In a world that was pushed to consider virtual modalities of engagement (Covid-19), in a world where people are connected more than ever by social media, in a world where there is consumer demand in healthcare choices made, we have had to think along with patients and HCPs about what this means in the context of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. These are everyday conditions that impact lifestyle significantly. These are regular people who may not come across as sick at first glance. These are specialized doctors who are pressed for time. These are conditions where touch, feel, smell, appearance matters. These are conditions that impact lifestyle choices for patients significantly. These are conditions with expensive, blockbuster biologics. Will and how will digital fit? 

Together with Francesca Wuttke (CDO, Almirall), Steve Seuntjens (Partner, Personal Health Solutions), Robert Garber (Partner, 7wireVentures) Anne Cathrine Flesiher (CEO, LEO Innovation Lab & LEO Ventures) and Chandana Fitzgerald (CMO, HealthXL) we set up a working group to uncover the answers. As a result of it, we have put together a whitepaper, ‘The future of Skin Health’, which is intended to be a roundup of the learnings from the working group.

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