Sidestepping the system – Is D2C the next winning model in healthcare?

From MedCity News by Alyssa Jaffee

Over the past few years, healthcare has been ushered into a new age of consumerism. Ritualistic trips to the doctor’s office are being traded in for convenient virtual consults. Long wait times to see a therapist are starting to resolve with mobile apps that deliver on-demand cognitive behavioral therapy. Even seemingly brandless prescriptions have been replaced with creatively marketed medications and OTC products.

This backdrop has set the stage for leading direct-to-consumer (D2C) healthcare companies like Ro, Hims & Hers, and The Pill Club to launch impressive debuts by acquiring and monetizing customers through a D2C business model. Despite billions in venture funding and impressive revenue growth, many have not yet turned a profit, leading investors to ask themselves – is D2C a sustainable business model in healthcare? Read more here.