Health Care Doesn’t Need Innovation — It Needs Transformation

By Glen Tullman

Technology has undoubtedly transformed our daily lives. We stream Netflix shows, read The New York Times and Forbes online, order Uber to chauffeur us around and rely on our iPhones for almost everything. Many of us spend more time than we care to admit on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. In fact, 65% of Americans now use one or more social networking platforms; only 7% did so in 2005. Compared with what it was just 10 or 20 years ago, the world really has changed.

But the closer you look, the clearer it becomes that this dramatic transformation is often superficial. Pieces of the business model have evolved, but at its core, many businesses remain the same. Sure, they are accompanied by cool, easy-to-use interfaces, logistics and product improvements, but the pig has just put on a new shade of lipstick.

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