Glen Tullman’s next venture wants to change the health care experience

Chicago Inno by Jim Dallke

After leading Livongo Health to an $18.5 billion merger with Teledoc, Chicago entrepreneur Glen Tullman is back with his next startup, which is taking an even bigger swing in the health care space.

This month Tullman was officially named the CEO of Transcarent, a Silicon Valley startup that officially came out of stealth last week. Designed for employees of self-insured employers and their families, Transcarent acts as a digital overlay to existing health plans. It offers an app that lets users chat, call or video conference with a doctor in just 60 seconds, 24 hours a day. It will schedule an in-person doctor’s appointment for you, focusing on providers with the best care and the lowest prices. It can help patients easily find and book a second opinion, and it will cover your travel expenses if you need to go out of town to receive better care. Read more here.