Glen Tullman featured on HealthXL’s latest Videocast: “Today the way we change cultures is with technology”

Health XL Videocast #5 | Glen Tullman
“Today the way we change cultures is with technology”

What can we learn from the Amish with regards to technology? A lot more than you may think according to HealthXL’s guest Glen Tullman (Founder/Managing Partner at 7wireVentures & former Executive Chairman Livongo). For nearly 25 years Glen has been behind some of the major businesses driving technological adoption and advances within the healthcare culture of the United States.

Listen to HealthXL’s latest videocast to learn more about Glen’s involvement in digital health advances throughout the United States, from combating 6,000 preventable medication error deaths per year, to founding Livongo following a personal upset. Learn about Glen’s 7wireVentures, how he feels Covid will impact digital health adoption and much more.