CareDox featured in StartUp Health Magazine

CareDox featured in StartUp Health Magazine

Source: StartUp Health Magazine

Healthcare Gets Schooled  By: Christine Grillo

Hesky Kutscher learned from personal experience that having access to a child’s medical records can mean a critical difference in care. “As a father, I very quickly realized how important it was to make sure that wherever my [kids] are, whomever we see, I want to make sure we get the right care,” he says. “I had a personal experience with my own daughter where had we not had access to her medical record, we would have misdiagnosed rashes she had as hives instead of what she was actually experiencing.” In the midst of parenting and daily life stressors, Kutscher had forgotten that his daughter was allergic to penicillin; when he saw the record, he realized the medicine was the culprit.

Kutscher took his insight and made access to medical records the central premise of CareDox, a company he started in 2014 that provides a sophisticated, secure, platform for electronic medical records, specifically geared to students…

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