Brightline is the first tech-enabled behavioral health home for children, teens, and their families. Collaborative care teams, clinically backed virtual services, and a highly engaging family-based, dyadic care model work in tandem to eliminate access barriers and provide increased convenience for the 17M young people and their families dealing with behavioral health challenges across the country today. Brightline is on a unyielding mission to bring extraordinary behavioral health care to all families, when and where they need it.

Brightline has developed a comprehensive end-to-end pediatric behavioral health care platform enabled by three primary features: “Connect” a digital content hub and coach chat tool, “Coaching” a 1:1 health coach staffed telehealth platform, and “Care” a one-to-one clinician-staffed telehealth platform. The platform’s underlying technology creates a hyper-personalized care experience based on behavioral health acuity and family context. Brightline enables children to connect with their care team via video or chat, parents and providers to receive real-time and actionable insight into a child’s mental health state, and families to access digital content relevant to both parent and child. Brightline’s tiered approach to care combined with the company’s family-centered care model work to improve parenting, familial relationships, and child behavior.

Brightline was born out of CEO and co-founder Naomi Allen’s personal journey attempting to navigate the pediatric health system for her son. She conceived and launched Brightline alongside long-time business partner Giovani Colella.