9amHealth is redesigning healthcare for the consumer, making it an easy, affordable, and seamless experience. The company has developed a unified and personalized digital care experience for the more than 34 million US individuals living with diabetes, and the over 96 million Americans who have prediabetes. Individualized for the patient, incredibly convenient and kind, at affordable prices even without insurance, 9amHealth seeks to address the country’s large and growing diabetes crisis in a monumental way.

To achieve this, the company provides an integrated platform that offers virtual visits, access to a multi-specialty care team, convenient prescription medications, and at-home lab tests delivered directly to people’s homes. Furthermore, the company’s interactive chat platform enables consumers to asynchronously engage with their care team to refill prescriptions, order lab tests, and get answers to questions from specialized clinicians. 9amHealth’s comprehensive and consumer-focused virtual diabetes solution is designed to conveniently and effectively meet consumers where they are at a price point they can afford.

9amHealth is now expanding their services to address the unique needs within the employer space, answering the need for a virtual healthcare solution that addresses both medications and at-home labs—early data is already reporting increased employee productivity and lower medical claim costs.

9amHealth was created by the original founding team of mySugr, a digital diabetes management application acquired by Roche in 2017. The founding team is applying their experience and subject matter expertise to build the nation’s first affordable and fully integrated care model for people with diabetes.