Month: June 2024

7wireVentures Presents: Top of the Ladder Featuring Summer Health Founder and CEO Ellen DaSilva

For Homethrive’s two founders, Dave Jacobs and David Greenberg (colloquially and warmly known as “The Daves”), the experience of caregiving for family members while working represented a major challenge. They found a confusing, hard to navigate system and even after taking countless days off work and spending long hours on the phone, they couldn’t find the answers they needed. They knew there had to be a better way – not just for them, but also for the over 50M Americans that are serving as caregivers to their loved ones today. Thus, in partnership with the 7wireVentures team, Homethrive was Hatched in 2018.

Through this engaging discussion, The Daves share more about their founding story, the challenges and learnings gained from pivoting from multibillion dollar corporate organizations to a scrappy early-stage startup, their perspective on the future of caregiving, and much more in 7wireVentures’ latest Top of The Ladder feature.

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