Changing the Status Quo.

In 1857, Cyrus West Field announced his plans to create the first transatlantic cable, a direct line of communication between the European and American continents. Despite enduring repeated setbacks and public ridicule for nearly a decade, Field remained undeterred.

His first four attempts ended in failure. But after each, Field and his British partners raised capital, assembled fleets, and hired engineers to begin anew. They were obsessed and resilient.

Finally, in 1866, the last portion of the cable was pulled onto the shore of Heart’s Content, a small fishing village in Newfoundland.

This cable was composed of seven copper wires.

These seven wires transformed interpersonal communication. The telegraph could send eight words per minute – a revolutionary improvement in a time when news and correspondence traveled months by ship.

Within twenty years, there were over 100,000 miles of similar undersea cables linking every part of the world. These wires remained the fastest means of communication for over a century.

This deceptively simple innovation and the uncommon dedication to its success ushered in the modern, globalized world of interconnectedness and interaction.

Today, 7wire identifies, begins, and develops ventures similarly aimed at rewiring the status quo.