Healthbox Presents: Innovation Rising Podcast Featuring Lee Shapiro with Neil Patel and Chuck Feerick

In this Episode, Chuck Feerink, Neil Patel, and Lee Shapiro discuss:

  • Lee’s early career, how he became President of AllScripts and some of the biggest lessons he learned at Allscripts
  • How Lee realized and arrived at the investment thesis for 7Wire Ventures?
  • Lee’s vision in creating, essentially, a 2-sided market, with startups on one side and 7wire’s strategic LPs on the other, which includes such names as Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Memorial Hermann, and Rush University Medical Center, to name a few. 
  • With such a diverse set of strategic LPs, Lee’s philosophy on how to engage them in the investment process and in portfolio support
  • Lee’s thoughts around innovation in Chronic care management and if, due to the recent emergence of advanced IOT and AI, we are on the cusp of seeing some major changes in this area
  • What gave Lee the conviction early on to invest in a crowded disease management space, having participated in many of Livongo’s early funding rounds
  • Lee’s approach to looking for and identifying new innovative healthcare business models and how the firm proactively looks to foster these types of models
  • What Lee thinks is special about having his firm based here in the Midwest